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Wilding Tales

Wilding Tales is a small, intimate story of post-collapse community. It’s an experiment in distilling story-gaming to its barest essence.

Choose one of five playbooks – The Grower, The Tunesmith, The Animist, The Collectivist, The Scavenger – and find out where it takes you.

an image of five zine-style paper playbooks for the game Wilding Tales

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Download Wilding Tales absolutely free!


Each page of the PDF is a separate character and rules booklet for one player to use to play the game. The booklets are folded using the Pockedmod method; you can peek at a handy tutorial diagram on the Pocketmod website.

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You can also buy the game in print! A collection of booklets, ready to play.

Price: $5.00

More About This Game…

Wilding Tales is my love letter to the earthy, off-grid, artsy, vaguely anarchist alternative communities of the Pacific Northwest. It’s not post-apocalyptic in the usual, Mad Max-y sense, it just asks “what if the Establishment finally had to pull the plug next week, and all those counterculture types just became… culture?” Play is very human-scale and ephemeral; we’re here for a glimpse and a few funny or beautiful moments.

The idea is that you pick up the booklets, pass them out to friends, grab a deck of playing cards and BAM, you’re playing and learning the game at the same time. And you’ll be done in an hour or so, with the tantalizing possibility of telling another chapter later. Simple, easy and dreamily fulfilling, because sometimes that’s how a game best fits into people’s lives.