handtangle-cropHello! has been live for a year and a half now, and it’s high time I introduced myself proper and got things rolling.

My name is Joli St. Patrick. I’m a lot of things: a poet, transgender, a game designer, a queer woman, an abuse survivor, a slut, a witch, a parent. I  perform poetry at the Portland Poetry Slam and Dirty Queer open mic, and design and playtest games in the Pacific Northwest extended community of storygamers. Gently Press is the name I give my expressions of those things, when they take artistic form: chapbooks, zines, stage performances, etc. You can read more about the mission and focus of Gently Press as an endeavor and a concept here. Essentially, I care deeply about radical vulnerability, and working out our scars and trauma in a raw but compassionate environment.

Here on the Gently Press site you can find info and online purchase buttons for all my physical products–currently a poetry chapbook and some story game zines–as well as links to electronic media such as audio and video recordings of poetry performance.  You’ll find blogging here as well; new posts are on the way, plus my entire pre-Gently Press blog archive is imported here, and while they come from a very different context than the one I currently dwell in, they contain a lot of writing I’m proud of. And check the space for updates on new and future projects.

You can peruse and purchase the following on this website:

Learning Curves poetry chapbook

The Dreaming Crucible story game

Wilding Tales story game

You can also follow Gently Press on:





And please check out my Patreon Page, where a lot of my poetry is available for free in audio and text format. You can pledge there to help keep my art flowing with monthly monetary support.

Thank you for joining me. I look forward to sharing vulnerability with you


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