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I had a sudden realization the other day: I write poems, and those poems have a place on Story by the Throat! I posted one here once, but I generally share them elsewhere on the web. I’m going to start sharing them here as well, when I feel they’ll enrich the mysterious and wonderful cloud of what SbtT! is all about.

I wrote this one a couple months ago:

It began at Midsummer.

Midsummer week the labor ended

Midsummer eve the cars stopped dead

Midsummer day the laptop overheated

And time slowed

The universe paused

And I exhaled

And found I could breathe

For the first time in years.

The land smiled

Summer beckoned

And I entered

Entered a time

Of bare feet on grass

Of toddlers picking flowers

Of growing things

And clouds whispering secrets

A time

To kiss the stars

And embrace the sun

Caressed by wind

Fondled by tall grass

A time of peace

A time of plenty

A time of good

A time to remember

What my heart once dreamt

Long ago

When I could still hear the voices

On Midsummer Eve



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