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An outcry for the new year

In every cup of joy
a drop of heartache

A tang
Continually reminding
of the poison in the well.

In every breath of life
the wheeze of death

A rattle
Marking the slow march
of every endeavor into decay.

In every heartbeat of courage
the skip of fear

A moment
Of sheer terror
that the talons will close.

In every fire of hope
the chill of despair

A flicker
In the desperate conviction
that the universe could possibly be good.

In every embrace of love
the flinch of suspicion

A wound
Throbbing at a caress
as if it were torture.

In every pang of disease
The scream of life

A song
Born of pain, carried on defiance,
Proof of love,
Evidence of joy,
Demonstrating life
in decay
amid chains
the soul’s true knowing

That all things
Can be made


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