The site logo, used as a featured image - two hands, one pressed gently into the other's palm

Please press. Gently.

Welcome. My name is Joli St. Patrick. I’m a queer slam poet, game designer, free range witch and ethical slut, and Gently Press is my platform for sharing the near and dear things of my heart with you.

Human beings are beautiful creatures. We dance on the rim of oblivion and starlight glimmers in our hearts, but we bear the raw wounds of shame, abuse, and toxic culture. To pry open our chests to release that starshine, to open our tightened throats that our song of joy might escape, we’ve gotta put pressure on the wound. We’ve got to ease the knotted muscles apart until our reaction is no longer to flinch away but lean into trust.

But we can’t force ourselves (or each other) open. Trust is given, not taken. Our traumas and fears require careful handling. Vulnerability needs an environment of support and safety to flourish. We’ve got to give and receive trust in baby steps, like physical therapy for atrophied muscles. We’ve got stand bravely and face our darkness together, while cherishing enthusiastic consent and never pushing further or harder than we can bear. We’ve got to press… gently.

Gently Press is a publishing platform for poetry I write and story games I design. Some are available for purchase, and some available absolutely free. These take the form of both electronic files and handmade zines. In addition, I blog here about my exploration of vulnerability through all these means and more.