handtangle-crop Hello! has been live for a year and a half now, and it’s high time I introduced myself proper and got things rolling. My name is Joli St. Patrick. I’m a lot of things: a poet, transgender, a game designer, a queer woman, an abuse survivor, a slut, a…Read More

A story means itself

A young girl from the movie The Secret of Roan Inish Last fall, I took a Native American Studies course with the wonderful instructor Judy Bluehorse Skelton. Our text was extremely shallow and inadequate, but the best Judy could find, so we used this as an opportunity to challenge and interrogate the text as an opportunity for thought-provoking discussion. As we…Read More

The Bottom

The site logo, used as a featured image - two hands, one pressed gently into the other's palm When you step off a city bus In Sellwood on a bright October day leave the sidewalk pass through upright poles stand in sunlight gulp water from a fountain that’s when you know you’ve stepped out of the world you know off the grid out of the race And into…Read More

The Chickens and the Half-wild Heart

A group of chickens in the shade of a tree It’s been a few short months since the half-wild years ended. For two years Annie, Niamh, our dog Gunnar and I lived in the Scappoose/St. Helens area, a rural cluster of towns an hour’s drive out of Portland. We moved there to live on land; we moved there to raise…Read More

Story is what we make.

an image of five zine-style paper playbooks for the game Wilding Tales Last month I tabled at the Portland Zine Symposium for the second time. My first year was fun and inspiring, but my success as a publisher and creator was limited: a few people bought books, a few more shared some brief, enthusiastic conversations, and mostly people gave a glance and…Read More

A Beautiful Reality

Two people playing games at Fabricated Realities Fabricated Realities is a story game convention in Olympia where games are played inside art installations. Last month I attended for the second year running. It was, once again, one of the richest, most socially bonding and energizing experiences of my life. It’s hard to describe why. I mean, the…Read More

Sorcerer: inaction and consequence

Sorcerer Table Closeup After 7 years of anticipation, pondering, forum reading and false starts, I played an extremely satisfying game of Ron Edwards’ Sorcerer with some friends. Jesse Burneko of the Play Passionately blog and Actual People, Actual Play podcast was the gamemaster. Jesse brought a craft and focus to the game that…Read More


The site logo, used as a featured image - two hands, one pressed gently into the other's palm I am carrying my body Or maybe it carries me A vessel of muscle and respiration Of heartbeat and headache Lifting me From a place of relative peace Into that river of fear and happiness And sensation and tension and annoyance and excitement That I call “My day.” It lifts…Read More

Accelerated Fluency 3: the Fluent Edge

The site logo, used as a featured image - two hands, one pressed gently into the other's palm Welcome to Accelerated Story part 3, where we’ll continue to look at Willem Larsen’s “Rules of Accelerated Learning” from his Language Hunters blog, and explore how to apply those rules to story gaming/roleplaying. As always, Willem’s disclaimer: Each rule is very contextual; these are not silver bullets or cure-alls. The…Read More

Indie Hurricane: a whirlwind of community

The site logo, used as a featured image - two hands, one pressed gently into the other's palm In March, I organized the Indie Hurricane department of the Portland area’s Gamestorm convention for the second year running. Last year’s hurricane was a polite little gale, fun but modest in size, and downright polite. This year it was a raging storm and a smashing success. Our games took over…Read More